Archangel Healing

From Vivian:

Hi Marilyn and Franz,
”Thanks” seems inappropriate words to convey the gift that was bestowed upon me in my session. My healing with the Archangels was overwhelmingly beautiful. I came in with a bleeding heart chakra and I left with enough unconditional love to LIGHT UP the entire island of Galveston.

Angelic love was poured into every fiber of my being and now I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I’m loved and I’m worthy. I know that I won’t be betrayed again and if at any point in time, if I need some reassurance, I can call upon the Archangels and they will be there for me…instantly. It’s encouraging to know that I’m beloved always and now I just need to believe and I’ll receive…

I’m holding on to this promise because the vibration of love is the only key that unlocks our pathway to the higher dimensions… the angelic realms and above. I believe that love is the passageway to our growth and it allows us to hold more Light… I have so much JOY! 

Blessings and joy to the both of you for the incredible gift that you give to those who come seeking your help. You’re both immeasurable treasures and again thank you and of course the Archangels.
Lovingly and more Light filled,

From Christine:
On the Galveston trip in Texas this March 2010, I was pleasantly surprised at the presence of the Archangels around both Frans and Marilyn. They both exude a light of love and gentleness, and for myself, gentleness has always been a representation of strength.

During the session, I had gone with so many questions, and found that just to be in their presence was more gratifying. I felt as though I was held and rocked with compassion and love I have not felt in years. I received a message that I too would be a messenger of the Archangels one day, and I look forward to this. Since I have been home I feel a greater connection as I continue to meditate and strive to connect with my higher self. I am grateful for the energy that was extended through them to me, and believe it to be a very meaningful and healing experience for any soul that wants and needs to be touched so deeply with love and compassion.
Love, Peace & Harmony,
Christine Dulong

From Carol Buchanan, DVM
Dear Marilyn and Frans,
I wish to thank you for the wonderful healing energies and messages you channeled for me at the 9-9-9 event. I had had the pain and spasms in my neck and right upper back for a year or more and had been to two chiropractors, had spinal decompression therapy and electro-stim, as well as making use of magnetics, tachyon, self-healing, etc. Although it was improved from time to time, it did not “heal.”
I have been pain-free since a few days following the session. I knew that the source lay buried deeply in my emotional/energetic bodies, but had not been able to achieve healing at that level.
I wish to let you know that your session was truly transformative and that I am so grateful and thankful to you for your wonderful healing energies. It is truly a gift.
I look forward to seeing you at future Earth-Keeper events!
Much love and many blessings to you both,


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