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was born in Chicago, Illinois, to parents of German and Scottish-Irish-English-Cherokee heritage. When she was 6 years old, her parents moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where she attended school and subsequently, St. Mary’s Junior College. She was graduated from The University of North Carolina in 1959, with a B.A. in Fine Arts. While there, she began singing and acting in various productions of the Carolina Playmakers, and was eventually encouraged to develop her singing voice at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, where she was awarded a full scholarship for four years of advanced study. At the conclusion of her time at Juilliard, she auditioned for and was accepted into the newly formed Metropolitan Opera National Company, which toured North America, taking her all over the US and Mexico and Canada.


After the tour, she returned to New York City, and was “discovered” by Marcel Prawy, a native of Vienna, Austria, who offered her a contract to make her professional debut at the Volksoper during the Vienna Music Festival of 1967, singing the role of Marietta/Marie in Korngold’s DIE TOTE STADT. Her first performance was such an outstanding success that she was immediately engaged by the Management of the Volksoper for MADAMA BUTTERFLY the following season, and she went on to sing leading roles at all the major opera houses of Europe. She made her home while living in Europe in Zurich, Switzerland.


In 1978, she returned to the USA to make her North American debut at the New York City Opera as Minnie in LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST, and this led to representation by Columbia Artists, Inc. (Matthew Epstein), and an international career, first in Australia and subsequently, in South America and Asia, in addition to singing at all of the USA’s largest opera houses.


She lived abroad during her more than 36-year career, in over 20 countries, circumnavigating the globe many times over, and meeting people from diverse cultures. She has always had a deep love of travel and of broadening her education through languages.


In September 1983 Marilyn began 20 years of metaphysical study, research and training in various healing modalities, including Reiki with Mary Goslen, Quantum Touch with Richard Gordon, The Reconnection with Eric Pearl, and attending seminars given by Lee Carroll, channel for KRYON, Steve Rother, channel for THE GROUP, James Tyberonn, channel for ARCHANGEL METATRON, Ronna Herman, channel for ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, Fred Sterling Medium for KIRAEL, and Joan Pancoe, Psychic Therapist and Astrologer.


Marilyn Zschau Baars and Frans BaarsIn 2002 she attended the Alchemical Institute of Healing Arts in Santa Rosa, California and earned her Certificate in Hypnotherapy. She also graduated from the Marilyn Gordon Hypnotherapy Institute in Oakland, California, and is now a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression.


She met her future husband, Frans Baars at a Steve Rother seminar on The Big Island of Hawai’i in April 2004, and in September 2005 they were married by the Reverend Fred Sterling at a sunrise ceremony in Honolulu, HI.


Marilyn Zschau has retired from her operatic career, and Marilyn Zschau-Baars now devotes herself to Archangel Healing sessions with her husband, Frans Baars, during which their clients receive a personal message from The Archangels.


Frans Baars was born during World War II in 1944 in The Netherlands. As a child he wanted to become the Pope, so at age 11 he went to Sparrendaal Seminary to become a priest. However, life had other plans for him. After he had been there for 3 years, his sister asked him to leave the seminary and return home, because of the stressful situation there, and so he relinquished his studies to become a priest.

After his return from the seminary, at age 14, he became aware of the power of belief, and started using pebbles and stones for maintaining or regaining health, for succeeding in exams, etc., and discovered that the stones facilitated the establishment of beliefs, which created the desired results. From the time he was a small boy, he was interested in magical beings and the supernatural, and, at that time, he held a firm belief that some of his dreams were more real than his everyday life.

At age 16 he started reading Confucius, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and many books about World Religions, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and the other Eastern Religions. After completing his education, he had a mandatory tour of duty in the Army as a Lieutenant of the Dutch Cavalry in a British NATO unit in Germany. At the end of his Military Service, he married and started a business career. He then studied actuarial science and became a business consultant.

Though absorbed by the practicalities of his daily family and business life, he always found time for his spiritual development. He read Ayn Rand, Carlos Castaneda and many other metaphysical books. At the age of 30, he participated in a month-long training on an estate near Amsterdam of the Human Potential Movement, led by Richard Peterson.

He started his own International firm, F. J. Baars Consultants and was co-founder of the Multinational Group of Actuaries and Consultants. He became a consultant for quite a number of multinational companies, such as Apple Computer, Tandem Computer, Akso-Nobel Industries, and many others.

His work as a business consultant was based on his vision that multinational corporations have to develop from separate corporations into ORGANS of the larger BODY CORPORATE, which consists of Human Society and the whole of Planet Earth. Further, he believes in “Simplex Veri Sigillum” or “Simplicity is the Seal of Truth”. In his own words: “When the problems in life become more complex and complicated, solutions must be found on a more simple level than anticipated.”

In 2002 Frans retired from the business world in order to create more time for his spiritual development. His spiritual journey achieved a new dimension in September of that year, when he read the book “Re-member”, written by Steve Rother and The Group. This book changed his life forever, as he started attending seminars given by Steve Rother in Holland. During this period, he spent 7 weeks in the rainforests of Brazil, where he experienced the magic of that region, and the healing power of plants.

During a Steve Rother seminar in Holland, he met Ronna Herman, who channels Archangel Michael. She told Frans that he was a Lemurian. **(Lemuria was an ancient continent and advanced civilization in the early times of Earth history. It is considered by many to have sunk beneath the seas of the Pacific Ocean.)
This information brought him to the 04/04/04 Seminar of Steve Rother on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he met Marilyn Zschau, Channel for the Archangels as a Group. A year later, in September 2005, they were married and Frans moved to the USA permanently in February 2007.



In 2009, Marilyn and Frans participated for the first time in a seminar given by James “Tyberonn” Tipton in Galveston, Texas, after meeting him in 2008 on a rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. ‘Tyb’ graciously offered them the opportunity to present an Archangel Meditation of Healing during his seminar, and for the first time in public, the Archangels spoke through Marilyn, saying “At last we have our voice”.

The Archangels have told Frans and Marilyn that they are their Emissaries of Healing Light and Love, and have asked them to bring these energies to all those who are drawn to receive it. And so, like the Archangels, Marilyn and Frans have chosen to be of service to their fellow travelers on Earth and to spread the Healing Light and Love of the Archangels.



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