Archangel Healing

ere is what the Archangels have to say about themselves, from their Book of The Ascension “The Golden Essence Is YOU”:

“And know that we are who we say we are: WE ARE THE ARCHANGELS, all, and many more, unnamed, but truly existing. There are innumerable ones of us, and this may be difficult for many to believe because of the limitations placed by religious groups upon the naming and the numbering of so-called “Archangels”, but we assure you there are many, many, many more than anyone could ever count. We are Infinite and we are, in a sense, One.

We come to you because of an agreement, made before you came into physical form, for you are a member of our group and we love you so very much, both of you: Our representatives in physical form, our Emissaries of Archangelic Light and Love.”

And further: “The more of The Light of The Source that you receive into your bodies, the easier it will be for you to access our Light, for in truth, all is The Light of The Source; it is just that we have a specialty of working with humans to assist you on your journeys forward in growth and involvement with the coming Ascended Masters returning to the angelic fold. We see that you are both journeying together on this path and we congratulate you for your dedication to The Light. 

We wish you to know now, today, that the most important thing about life anywhere is the reception of The Creator Love, The Creator Light, The Essence of All There Is. This is what sustains you, this is what sustains us, this is what sustains the physical universe, this is what sustains the invisible universes, this is what sustains everything, and it is unending. It continually flows in all directions outward from that great Point of Light we all call The Great Sun. 

We remind you that you need to ask us for our help at all times, and that we are available at all times and all places. It is possible for us to be “here” and “there” at the same time, which is a process difficult for humans to understand, but certainly not impossible for those of you on this side of the Veil, for you know the process of being “everywhere” at once. And because we can be everywhere at once, all of you may call upon us at all times, day or night. We are here, ready to attend to your call, and we are ready to help you with any process that you may be having difficulty with, be it the cord-cutting, the meditating, or anything else. The healing of the body, for example, is an important part of our service to humans.  

We are a conduit for The Source. You may always contact us in order to connect to The Source directly. If you are able to connect directly to The Source, that is wonderful for you. But those of you who have a feeling of being cut off, or not able, we ask you to release these feelings of negativity as much as possible when you enter into the meditative state. Allow them to go away into a place where you may revisit them, if you feel the need, but make sure that you drop all of your negative feelings and negative thoughts when you go into meditation; otherwise, you will carry them with you, and they will hold you back. If you surround yourself with a cloud of dark negativity, it is, as you may assume, more difficult to tune in to our vibrational level. It is not difficult for the Light to penetrate the darkness of the negativity, but it is difficult for you to imagine that that is possible. And so we ask you to put these dark feelings and dark thoughts aside for the short period of Earth time that you are with us and with The Source in “The Meditation of Love and Light”. 

We say to you now that our greatest and deepest desire is to be of service to you, and to help you when asked at all times. Remember to call upon us. We so eagerly await your call. Know that we are here for you, and that we will do all in our power to help you with anything that you need, even if it means changing your Contract to remove certain parts which may have caused you some pain, or at least, discomfort upon your journey in human form. 

We are the Archangels, and many, many, many more and we send you our Peace, our Love and our Protection always and forever. And So It Is.” 

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