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May 7, 2012
by admin2
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The Incoming Energies from The Great Central SUN

ARCHANGEL MESSAGE ~ JULY 2011 ~ The Shield of Energy


 We are here with you now. We have much to bring forth to you, whereas you have noticed the energies, coming upon the Earth, and therefore into your bodies upon the Earth, are becoming much more… “energetic” is not exactly the correct word, but we wish to use a positive word and the word “difficult” is not positive in its connotations. The energies coming onto the Earth now are more challenging for you than they have been in the past, and we would like today to give you a few methods, or ways, in which you may consider assimilating these energies in a more equitable fashion; that is, that you need not absorb a great amount of energy at one time, but over a period of what you call ‘time’ upon the Earth. There is a place where you may store up a large… “chunk” is a word that comes to mind, …”amount” is also good, a “block”, a “block of energy”, a “chunk of energy”, an “amount of energy”, a “piece”, a “cloud”— you may think of it as a cloud, if you like.

 The energy may be brought in to the outer perimeter of your auric field and stored there as a layer spread out — into a layer surrounding you, which is difficult to explain in Earth terms, but we will attempt to give you pictures of how this actually functions. Say there is a rather large Gamma Ray burst from your Sun, for example, headed straight for the Earth, and that where you are residing upon the Earth is in the direct line of this Gamma Ray burst of energy. The energy will be felt by all who are in a direct line with it, but you may, by setting up a form of ‘shielding’, you may capture the energy and spread it out around you so that it does not actually IMMEDIATELY penetrate your auric field in one big burst of energy, which can be overwhelming, but that it is spread out instantly as it approaches the perimeter, or the boundary, of the outer part of your auric field, which is, as you know, quite large. And the energy then stays there, spread out, until you express your intent to absorb it.

Then you might do this in such a way as to say:

“I know that this energy is important for me. I know that this energy has come from The Source of All There Is, from a representative of The Source of All There Is in my Solar System. It has come through my Sun and has travelled from the Sun to my planet, Earth, and to me. I welcome this energy. I ask this energy, as an intelligent beingness, to gradually infiltrate my auric field, very gently, to pass through my aura very gently, very slowly and come nearer to my body, my physical body. I ask this intelligent energy to arrange itself in what you might call ‘flashes’, ‘minor bursts’, in any case, I ask this energy to arrange itself into a form which is gently accessible and acceptable to my physical body. And when the energy has arranged itself in this form, I ask the energy to caress my physical form very gently and gradually, gradually, gradually penetrate through the skin into the cells of my body so that my cells can accept the most beautiful energies of Love and Light from The Source Creator of All There Is with the least amount of traumatic acceptance.”

In this way, you will be able to shield yourselves and your physical bodies from becoming constantly bombarded by very powerful energies coming into your planet now.

You have seen, more and more, in your news reporting of various events happening upon your planet, that the energies have become disruptive for many, and that they react in ways that are perhaps considered ‘abnormal’ even by themselves. The energies activate all of the bodies, but most especially the Emotional Body, and the energies can be very disruptive, if they are not treated gently in the way we have described to you. After you have mastered this for yourselves, you will notice almost immediately a difference in the way in which you feel. Once you have set this spreading out of the energy into motion for yourselves, you will notice first and most importantly perhaps a feeling of calm and peace, that you will be feeling more positive about life, that you will feel calmer, less apt to spring to action when threatened, as an example.

It is very important for you to understand completely how this works before you begin telling others about it. We ask you to use these techniques for a period of Earth Time no less than three months before you begin telling others how it functions and why they should be doing this for themselves. Use it for yourselves first, become familiar with it—you may, we say MAY, not that you will, but there is a possibility that you may have a setback from time to time where you forget. We remind you that it might be very important for you to just, as a matter of course, take the time in your morning period to sit quietly, perhaps even to meditate first, and then to make the request of the incoming energies as we have described them to you.

We are the Beings that you know since The Beginning. We are LOVE. You are LOVE. Open every cell in your body now and accept the LOVE, in your breath, in your tissues, in your blood, in your fluids. We ask that every time, from now forth, that you take a breath that you open yourselves and feel the LOVE that is always available. We ask that every time that you take a drink of that most precious fluid, water, that you see the LOVE in the water, and fill yourselves with LIQUID LOVE. We ask that when you speak, that you remember to fill every breath with our LOVE before it comes out of your body and travels in waves to the ears of others. We ask you from this day forward to recognize and see for yourselves that you are LOVE, you ARE love, YOU are love.

We are The Archangels and many, many, many more. And we love you endlessly.

April 21, 2012
by jgadd
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